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Mirko Carturan

Mon - Fri: Lunch \ Fri & Sat: Dinner \ Sun: Closed MON-TH NIGHT: By reservation (Min. 6 pax) (+34) 938 654 160

Tramadol Order Cod, Tramadol Online India

Discover a new gastronomic space Workshop and Cooking Show – Mirko Carturan   Everything you can imagine and more We have created a space where you can live unique gastronomic experiences. Built in an annex of our restaurant, we designed a workshop and cooking show space where all kinds of[…]

Tramadol For Sale Online Uk

Who We Are

Mirko Carturan is from Piemonte, Italy, land of greats wines and white truffle and a famous gastronomy. Since he was very young he started in the coockery world getting experiences trought restaurants like Gualtiero Marchesi, Savoy London, Carlos Gaig... In the year 2005 he decides to open up his own restaurant with a clear idea to experiment his style of coocking, thanks to the influence he received trought his career and offer a creative cookery based in tradition and modernity. His objective is to offer a solid, serious and truly "cuisine", that is why you can see the kitchen from where you are seated and enjoy a good meal.

In the Media

  • Gastronomy for the senses with an italian base in Caldes de Montbui

    Daniel Vázquez Sallés – Descobrir Cuina
  • Mirko Carturan, Chef. And a notable chef: keep an eye on this toasted beard guy with a croatian trumpeter’s name.

    Pau Arenós – El Periódico
  • Excellence in Caldes de Montbui: a surprising kitchen linked to product and season.

    David Noguera – Èxit. El Periódico